How to buy used motorcycles

How to buy used motorcycles - What to consider before purchasing any vehicle

As a guide, these are some points that you should know before purchasing a used motorcycle.

  • Check for bumps or dents on the bodywork.
  • Know the condition of the tires. The smoother they are, the more worn they are, and the more dangerous they are to use. Also, it helps to know if they both belong to the same make and model.
  • Take into account the mileage. If it is too low for the age of the bike, it may be suspected that it has been altered manually.
  • Check the status of all leaks. See if they are clean and without bumps and that there is no leak of any kind.
  • Check mirrors. That there are no scratches and that they work perfectly.
  • It is imperative to make sure that the engine does not leak oil.


With an honest and transparent dealer, there should be no problem buying any second-hand vehicle. Knowing deeply what you are buying is the key to not finding any unpleasant surprises in the purchase. The more details that have been provided, the more confidence the seller generates.

At JP MotorSport, you will find a wide variety of motor vehicles with the corresponding measures, so the purchase of any used motorcycle is safe. So do not hesitate and return the old ride to the adventure.


How to buy used motorcycles