Pros and Cons of buying a used motorcycle vs a new one?

Buying a new motorcycle




- You first use the bike and, therefore, you know better than anyone the use and what you have taken care of it.

- The option of payments makes your life easier.

- You have a warranty period, in which any inconvenience that arises must be repaired.

- You don't need to invest in short-term consumables (wheels, oils, brakes...)




- The bike is devalued as soon as it leaves the dealership.

- You must give it the running-in period.

- The revisions must pass them in an official workshop and they are more expensive as a general rule.

- Risk of endemic failures in the model if it is new.

Buying a second-hand motorcycle

There are also advantages and disadvantages to buying a second-hand bike. Not being the first to ride it opens up a range of possibilities.

Quick advice before buying a used motorcycle

If you are going to buy a second-hand bike, it's better to do it from a dealer rather that a private seller. Dealers must to perform a deep inspection on all the motorcycles and fix anything they find before moving the motorcycle to the sale's floor.





- You can choose according to the money you have.

- The price of the bike is lower than that of a new bike.

- You can try the unit you buy.

- You can choose the workshop or do the maintenance yourself (if it is no longer under warranty).




- You never know for sure the use and care that has been given to the bike.

- Even though it has been well cared for, the life cycle of the components has been progressing.

- The consumables of the bike will not be new (tires, brakes, towing kit...).



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