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We don’t sell motorcycles, we educate customers to make a smart choice.

At JP MotorSports and Marine, near San Diego, California, we bring you a huge selection of new motorcycles and used motorcycles for sale in stock! We also have sport motorcycles for sale, ATVs for sale, side by side utility vehicles, boats for sale, and more! Stop in today and see our full inventory!

All used motorcycles for sale are rigorously inspected

We understand that you work hard for your money, and buying a motorcycle can be a big step. That's why we do a deep inspection on all our motorcycles to be sure your money is well invested while you are safe as well.

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    Things to have in mind before buying a
    used motorcycles near San Diego, California

    When one hears about used motorcycles for sale they immediately think that the bike is in bad shape. Most of the time you may think the person selling it wants to transfer their problem to you. This has made people cautious and find it hard to trust the seller.

    Well, at JP Motorsports we guarantee quality used motorcycles, though they were pre-owned. These bikes have been serviced and maintained to ensure they are in good shape to hit the road. You can trust us to take care of the paperwork as well.

    This is to ensure you do not stress yourself worrying about the seller. We have been in the market and know the things to look into when it comes to pre-owned motorcycles.

    At the shop, we have different brands and models that you can choose from at a flexible price. We guarantee value for your money. Hence take some time and stop at our shops to see what we have installed for you from sports to commuter bikes. 

    Know more about motorcycles for sale San Diego in our guide below

    3 Economic Benefits of Buying a Used Motorcycle

    1. Value drop of new motorcycles

    Buying a brand new bike is usually expensive. Therefore you need to work extra hours and save more money to buy your dream bike. Well, you don't have to go through all that anymore, just to buy the bike.

    This is because there is an option of buying it at a cheaper price than what it's going for in the market. Once the bike is removed from the showroom the price reduces. After being used for a while you can get it for almost half the price depending on the model. At JP Motorsports we ensure you get a used bike at an affordable price regardless of the brand.

    The bikes have been fully serviced and maintained which makes them look good and performed like a new one. Therefore the extra cash you would have used to purchase a brand new bike can be put to other uses. This includes getting insurance or license plate.

    2. Savings to use in safety gear

    Purchasing a safety gear is not a walk in the park. It requires one investing heavily to guarantee that you had a gear that is of the highest quality. This assures your safety on the road in case of an accident. Plus the protective gear will keep you warm as well.

    Buying a pre-owned motorcycle will leave you with extra cash on your pocket to buy the gear desired. Safety gear is important and should be on your budget list before even buying the bike. Remember this always: dress for the slide and not for the ride!

    3. Upgrades If you buy a brand new bike there are certain changes you will have to make. This can be changing the seats, suspensions among other things. The changes will make the bike more appealing or comfortable, however this will cost you.

    When purchasing a used bike there are chances that the owner has customized it to fit his or her needs. Therefore you won't have to incur an extra cost customizing it. This, in turn, saves you cash as well.

    Tips to consider when buying used motorcycles

    These are the factors that we consider most important when you choose what type of used motorcycles you should buy.

    • Where will you use the motorcycle mostly?
    • What type of driving will you do? They will be short or long trips, daily or weekends. This leads to the next point.
    • What kind of performance do you need? You will be mostly on the freeway or on avenues.

    For example, a cruiser motorcycle above 650 cc may be the most comfortable for people who will spend more than 30 minutes on the freeway daily.

    But this also leads us to take into account how comfortable you feel on the bike. Check if the height is right for you and if the weight of the motorcycle is manageable based on your experience.

    Finally, make a list of maximum 3 options, you can make a quick investigation on the opinion of other owners regarding the used motorcycles of your choice. That way you will feel more comfortable with your final decision. In the same way we will always be here to advise you.

    All the models we have in our inventory are there because they are the most reliable options in the market. And our pre-purchased inspection is very strict. Given this, only a few occasions in more than 10 years have we had to make our guarantee valid.

    This is how we ensure you invest your money wisely:

    • Only used motorcycles with a good reputation
    • Motorcycles that have not been in major accidents
    • 50 safety inspection points
    • Upgrades when it need it
    • Test drive by our mechanics

    So, write down your options based on your needs and make a list of maximum 3 options. That way you won't feel overwhelmed with so many options in your head. Come to our showroom and sit on the motorcycles, visualize yourself and make a choice. We are here to help you.

    If you still want to try with private sellers this information will be useful

    Tips to consider when buying used motorcycle from a private seller

    There are certain things to look at before purchasing a pre-owned bike. We wouldn’t want to risk buying from an unreliable source, without having done a thorough inspection. This is why we do inspect our bikes very seriously so you can enjoy your ride worry-free. Here are the things we look at before buying a used bike from auctions. And in case you want to avoid motorcycle dealers to save some money, have in mind all the next points when you inspect the motorcycle.

    1. Oil

    Checking the oil of the motorcycle speaks a lot about the engine. This area is the first place to check on a bike. At the engine, there is a sight glass that one can use to tell the color of the oil. However, on some bikes, you will need to use a dipstick to check the color. If it is discolored or brownish, it means that the oil needs to be changed. Therefore, before operating the machine drain and exchange the oil. On the other hand, we also check for shiny metal flakes in the oil. If we get to see these metals, it means the engine is eating itself up, and that is not a good thing. Therefore, we avoid such bikes, and you as well should not buy such a bike.

    2. Chain and sprocket

    This is the second thing that we advise you should check. The tension of the drive chain can be checked by pulling it away from the rear sprocket. Once this has been done, the chain should cover about halfway off the sprocket tooth. This is the recommended length, and if the chain covers more than this, it ought to be changed. We also advise that you check the inner area of the chain that is in contact with the sprocket. This particular spot should be shiny, clean, and smooth.

    3. Frame

    Before we showcase our bikes, we check the frame. It allows us to known if the bike has been involved in an accident or even taken a hard landing. We have a team of experts who check the bikes. They use their hands and eyes to feel and see if there are cracks, dents, or scrapes on the frame. Once we notice there are such issues, we avoid buying the motorcycle and look for other options. Don’t forget to do the same.

    4. Fuel tank

    An important part that we checked. The fuel tank of a bike usually has a story to tell about it. In this section, we check if there is any rust forming inside the tank. One of the ways to identify if the bike is out of shape is by checking the tank. Using a flashlight, we check the inside part if its dark. Once we have noticed this, it shows us that the fuel is old, and the bike has taken long before being operated. Therefore, it is out of shape and needs to be repaired. This is where our staff come in to repair and restores the bike to its glory. This repair is done if all the other parameters have been met.

    5. Clutch

    A clutch is an essential part of the motorcycle, and it has to be inspected as well. When it's malfunctioning, the bike will pose a huge risk to you and others on the road. Hence, we usually test the clutch to see if it’s in the right condition or not. Once our team of experts notices there is a problem, they will adjust or repair it. A point you don’t want to miss if you are looking to save money.

    6. Brakes

    The brakes of a pre-owned bike need to be tested as well. We wouldn't want to sell you a product that will end up causing more harm to you and others. Therefore, before and after purchasing the bike from our supplies we assemble our team and ensure that each bike is tested. To do this, we ride the bikes for a distance and then break. If the motorcycle stops immediately, then it's in good condition. However, if the bike takes longer, we will have to adjust the brakes. This practice ensures you get the bike in good condition.

    7. Suspension

    The suspension is also one of the things we look at before purchasing a motorcycle. It is a simple procedure; what you need to do is shove down the front end. Then wait and see if the forks will return to the position. If it does not, it means it has a problem and should be replaced. On the other hand, if the fork tubes have nicks or rust, it should still be repaired. A healthy fork should be clean, smooth, and shiny.

    5 Safety Tips for new motorcycle riders

    1. It is essential always to have your helmet on

    The helmet is going to act as a protection against head injuries in case of an accident occurs. It also protects your eyes from the breeze while riding. This is why we advocate for always have your helmet on even if you are riding for a short distance.

    2. Have the right gear on

    We always suggest that you wear your protective clothing to minimize the number of injuries. This caution comes in handy when you are involved in an accident. The gear is ideal for protecting your body from the spinal cord, legs, and shoulders injuries, among others. Plus, your equipment acts as a reflector enable other motorists to see you on the road.

    3. Traffic rules

    Various traffic rules have to be followed when ride. These rules have to be obeyed so that you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law. If you are traversing through states, ensure you know what the traffic rules in that particular State are. Because the rules can be a bit different from your State.

    4. Ride Defensively

    This practice is also another way to avoid getting involved in an accident while on the road. Most of the time, bike accidents are caused by drivers who are violating your right of way. Therefore, you must ride defensively. Ensure your headlights are on when riding and stay out of the drivers' blind spot. Always remember to signal in advance before making a turn or changing lanes. It is also vital that you become attentive on the road and avoid destructions, such as using your phone. 

    5. Watch for road hazards

    Motorcycles have less contact with the ground compared to a vehicle. Therefore, things like wet leaves, pebbles, and even sand can cause the bike to slide. Additionally, portholes and bumps can also cause severe damage to the bike as well. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid such roads if there are other routes to use. The other option is slowing down when you notice these things on the way. Doing this will help to keep you safe while riding.



    The used motorcycle you take home should be able to service you and give you the satisfaction you want. This is why we, as a reliable used motorcycle dealer in San Diego, are against buying pre-owned bikes from unauthorized auctions. Buy from a non-trusted source can be dangerous to you and even the people around you.

    A non-trusted source might land you on the wrong side of the law or even in jail. For this reason we are here to provide you with the relevant documents, service and high performing bikes. This is to ensure you enjoy your ride stress free.

    At JP Motorsports we sell our product at an affordable price and even offer the bikes on a credit basis. Plus, we bring in a new stock of motorcycles weekly. Therefore visit us and let's check your credit while you find the one that suits you perfectly!


    *Price, if shown, does not include government fees, taxes, dealer vehicle freight/preparation, dealer document preparation charges or any finance charges (if applicable). MSRP and/or final actual sales price will vary depending on options or accessories selected.